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V-Shaped Invisible Face Lift Stickers

$10.99 $15.99


Instant Face Lift Tapes

These invisible instant face lift tapes normally come in form of V- Shape which is actually made up of paste with face lift tool helps the skin to remain softer and keep skin tighten. These instant face lift stickers are very effective & simple to use. These stickers breathable, comfortable as well as invisible, pretty hard to notice when applied. They are high-quality face lifters comes in the properties of totally bendable and water-resistant. They are suitable for all types of skins with no side effects.


  • Wash your face with oil-free lotion.
  • Apply the face lift stickers on the affected area.
  • During application, press the face lift stickers from one end and gently peel off from other end.
  • Leave it for next 3-5 seconds.
  • In the end, lift stickers carefully.


  • V- Shaped Invisible Face Lift Stickers
  • Thickness- 0.02mm

Package Included

  • 10/40 V- Shape Stickers