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Eyeliner & Mascara

There’s another best cosmetic item which is pivotal in today’s fashion world. In daily life, when you use this eyeliner, at one point it is unnoticeable but gives you such a huge difference in your looks. Eyeliner is generally applied above lashes and lower lashes of eyes gives you total effect, and even can change the shape of eyes. There are different types of eyeliners gives stiff competition basis on its texture and colors just because every eyeliner provides different effect according to their qualities.

Following are the best eyeliners- liquid eyeliner, powder eyeliner, wax based eyeliner, kohl eyeliner and gel eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner gives a neat and clean, précised sharp line which generally gives heavier appearance and is generally applied on the upper lashes. Powder eyeliner comes in the form of wooden pencil which only come in the matte and dark colored shades. Wax eyeliner is made up of wax material with softer pencils makes lot easier application. It’s very easy to use with the help makeup brush applicator. Kohl powder also named as soft- powder eyeliners. These eyeliners are generally come in the form of pressed powder or loose powder and they are used for outlining eyes with black shades. Gel eyeliners are very softer and easy to use applying with brush.

How come we don’t discuss about mascara, it gives you extraordinary look by giving final touch. The qualitative mascara is quite difficult to choose to suitable for you. There are lots of factors to be considered such as color, consistency and waterproof. To keep you beautiful and unique, women’s need to find right qualitative mascara is pretty complicated. Just in trendz brings you best mascaras to give yourself super cool look without making efforts.

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