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Long Lasting Flawless Makeup Professional Liquid Foundation



Product Description :

This Flawless Liquid Makeup Professional Foundation is one of the best fragrance-free formula is very lightweight and effective which quickly absorbed into skin without getting dried instantly. It is perfect make up product for women and keep their wardrobe new by adding more make up items. This color matching foundation is protects and moisturizes the skin to even out complexion in short span of time. The components helps in further protection from harmful sun-rays. This is much needed foundation than any other because it self adjusts skin color.

Features :

  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula.
  • Available in 3 skin tone adjustable shades.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin particularly.
  • It comes with three big beneficial facts- cover the freckles, dark heavy skin and pores,elements of moisturizer repair composition helps in protecting skin from harmful UV rays, sebum secretion effect keep beauty makeup look for longer period of time.
Package Included :


  • Net Weight : 40ml
  • 1 pc-Long Lasting Makeup Professional Liquid Foundation