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Nails are the vital part of body to keep it protected which results healthier and stronger life for nails. For someone who is more careful about nails. The things need to be considered  to keep nails protected and look beautiful such as feed nails minerals and vitamins properly which automatically keep nails stay healthy, should be moisturized and avoid sharp things for nails. The most important thing, nails different forms of nail products depending on various factors available in the market such as nail coating gel, nail repair cream and nail primer. Firstly, nail coating gel normally come in the form of gel which strengthen and fasten your nail growth, protects from breaking and discoloring, works better for manicure and pedicure and gives nail shiny & glossy finish touch.

With the help of nail repair cream, there will be less irritation and dryness will give you softer, beautiful and natural glow to nails. Nail primer come in the form of liquid which must have vitamin C, a protein maintained by body to grow nails rapidly. Use nail dip to give enough moisturized. Nails will be fallen apart or broken due to lack of moisture. The process is so simple and effective; add any type of oil in container soak fingers for about next 5 to 10 minutes. Use  DIY nail mask by following instructions.There are has simple and effective process, normally it is applied after manicure and therefore no need of curing.

Nail polish is a fun and lot simpler to give an extraordinary look on individual taste or preference.  In case of nail polishes, there are so many options depending on factors such as color and texture. In order to get smooth & durable coat, they are two ingredients on nail polish is depend upon- plasticizers and resins.  Plasticizers helps breaking or cracking due to polish adaptability. On the other hand, resins come in the form of hard coating on nails when nails get dry. The combination of both hold everything together gives polish liquid texture.

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