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3D Fiber Silk Mascara & 2 in 1 False Eyelashes

$11.99 $16.99


3D Silk Fiber Mascara will ensure the thickness and volume of the lashes up to 300%. You will get long lashes without any false eyelashes or costly lash extensions. The lashes are waterproof.

Unlike regular mascara, our Two-piece set uses natural silky fibers to extend and lengthen your lashes. The dry natural fibers attach to your lashes using our amazing transplanting Gel.

3D Silk Fiber Mascara give your eyelashes a stunning effect that your friends will both envy and adore!


  • Dramatic 3D results in a single step! instantly volumizes, defines, and lengthens your eyelashes from root to tip for a false lash look.
  • The secret is the micro-sized silk fibers that instantly bind to lashes for maximum volume. Apply just like regular mascara, no loose fibers, glue or mess - 100% foolproof
  • High-quality natural ingredients, including micro green tea fibers. The fibrous formula delivers high-impact length and lifts lashes for an all-day curl.
  • Incredibly long wearing formula. 3D Silk Fiber Mascara will not flake, fall or smudge. Water-resistant, yet easy to remove with soap & water. Feel confident that your mascara won't smear, run or make a mess - Effortlessly
  • Get the coveted look of false eyelashes with the ease of a mascara, guaranteed.