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EMS Wireless Unisex ABS Stimulator

$16.99 $23.99


This ABS Stimulator is the most powerful and EFFECTIVE 6 PACK solution on the market that effortlessly strips away your abdominal fat to finally show of your TONED ABS


 This advanced EMS technology, which is currently being used in massage, acupuncture, tapping, and more by the leading experts.

 15-levels of intensity to meet your daily exercise demands.


* People with an internal transplant, or any type of electronic devices such as an artificial heart transplant etc.

* Not advisable for patients who recently had a surgery on the ab or arm area as it may interfere with the healing process

* Patients with epilepsy

* Not to be used when driving

* Blood circulation disorder patients

* Pregnant and postpartum woman

* Patients with cancer

* Allergic reaction to hydrogel pads

* Do not put near an oven or fire to avoid damage on the machine