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Hair Growth Ginger Oil Treatment

$13.99 $18.99



Product has a unique hair care conditioner, hair 2-3 times the rate of rapid  fast growth, healthier hair naturally smooth


Hair symptoms: slow hair growth by hair growth are urgently needed, inelastic, tangled hair dull, brittle, stiff against posts, not submissive.


ginger king, ginseng, Loca Day, fleece-flower root, grape seed oil, flowers and other natural ingredients.


Each 100ml shampoo, add 3ml, stir evenly.

"Hair growth essence" is added to shampoos. 3ml per 100ml shampoo plus essence. Is to increase nutrition to the hair itself is about two to four times the growth rate. Spent about 20 days after about four or five times to see significant results.


  • Add appropriate amount of this product in shampoo(100ml +3ml). Stir this mixed shampoo, as usual method can be :
  • Can be directly dripping 2-3ml in the palm, evenly applied on the hair.
  • Used before & after perm to repair hair damage caused by heat.
  • A few drops of the product can be mixed evenly with hair mask, it will give you double curing.