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Smart Pet Premium Oxford Self Cooling Dog Mat

$13.99 $20.99


Dogs are prone to overheating. They are trapped in fur coats all year round and they can't sweat to regulate their body temperature. Many dogs seek out cool places to relax and will often lay on hard floors in a bid to cool down. This deluxe cool mat offers your dog an alternative, more comfortable place to chill out.

This is the best dog cooling mat we have ever come across for its combination of comfort and cooling. This luxury Dog Cooling Mat offers comfort as well as a cooling effect as your dog chills out. This new generation of dog cool mat contains phase-changing liquid gel for cooling plus an inner layer of foam for comfort, not found in most other cool mats.

The nylon outer is smooth and durable. The cooling effect lasts for several hours, depending on use and the surrounding temperature (works best in temperatures of under 30°C). It absorbs heat and reduces your pet's body temperature by up to 10°C.

No more mats that shrink, leak water or offer no comfort. No electricity, water or refrigeration required. Unpack and place on the floor. Within a few moments of resting on the mat, your dog will feel the cooling effects.



    Great for hot days, indoors and out. With the deluxe dog cooling mat you have the best features in one innovative, luxury mat.

    • Easy to use - simply place on the floor
    • Reduces body temperature by up to 10°C
    • Comfortable
    • Folds for storage or travel
    • No need for refrigeration, electricity or water
    • Padded mat border for extra comfort
    • Non-toxic and not harmful to pets
    • Suitable for small pets, dogs and humans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Available in 4 sizes, from Small for our little furry friends to Large for even the biggest breed