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Protective Vinyl Airpods Removable Stickers

$10.99 $16.99


Digital products stickers is most popular among the beauty market of digital products. It is only about 0.07mm thickness, and does not affect the appearance. It greatly shows fashion of the digital products. Despite its thinness, it has strong flexibility, and is oil resistant, wear-resisting and without leaving glue marks. This product is a paste that can be removed and reused for DIT on mobile phones, notebooks, computers and other digital products.

MATERIAL- Oil Repellency

EASY APPLICATION  - Our products are easy to peel, leaving no glue marks, firmly sticky on the surface, and durable.

CREATIVITY -   Our creative team, always pay attention to design the exquisite international fashion unique products.

QUALITY- Thin, flexible and kind of paste and these stickers are reusable as well.