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Rolling Microfiber Mop Cleaning Ball




All you need to do is clean the mop cover and then let the balls to do the rest!

  • Innovative rolling ball vacuum cleaner
  • The rolling process adsorbs the dust on the floor firmly
  • Shroud in microfibre fur to attract dust and dirt
  • Works well on attract dogs and cats hairs
  • Roams freely round your house cleaning your floors
  • Change direction whenever it hits an obstacle
  • Operates for up to three hours non-stop
  • Also the greatest Cats and Dogs toy in history
  • AA battery x 2 (not included)
  • Color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink

Package includes:
1 x Microfiber Hop Cleaning Ball
4 x Mop Cover (All 4 Colors Included!)


This Microfiber Hop Cleaning Ball is one of the funniest in recent trend for robotic vacuum cleaners! Cats and Dogs love dancing with it!