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Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Repeller

$12.99 $18.99



This product will curb the growth of these pests and rodents within the area of 100 square meter. By only plugging it in your outlet, you will get a pest free house.

Think about all the money that you spend on the sprays and pest control companies every now and then and compare it with a small cost that you pay one time, you would understand the value of this product.

Without any maintenance, it would work efficiently for at least a year. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller does not use any toxin and is safe for children in the house. Being odourless, you would never feel its presence in the room.

Use it in the kitchen, the attic or anywhere you feel it is required.

This product has 4 different countrries variants available such as US, UK, EU and AU.