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Waterproof Eyebrow Extension Fiber

$13.99 $18.99



The Eyebrow Extension Fiber is a pot filled with black fibres that look like hair to fill sparse eyebrows to look a lot fuller & thicker.These fibres are contained in a clear gel  and it comes with a brush applicator. The gel acts as an anchor for mixing the hair fibres & for it to stay put on your eyebrow area when applied.

It looks more natural on brows that are sparse where you need to fill in areas where the brow hair is missing. These hair like fibres are not new in the beauty industry as this texture has been seen in some mascaras which offer black fibres that resemble hair, but it’s a first as an eyebrow extension product.


  • BEAUTIFUL & NATURAL: Use Eyebrow Extension Gel Fiber to look more natural than using the brow pencil, brow tinted eyebrow gel, brow powder. You can use it to DIY your eyebrow rather than brow dye/ eyebrow tattoo.
  • LONG LASTING: Its a eyebrow creamy gel texture gives an even, natural result with a long lasting hold.
  • EASY TO USE: Rapidly dry, Long-wearing/8 hours. Easy to take off, gently wipe with a wet cloth. No need to use makeup remover, facial cleanser or cleaning cream
  • WITH FINE TIPS BRUSH: The fine tip brush attached to the cap twists off easily; simply dip the brush into the case full of fibers and apply to your designated area by stamping the product on. TIPS: mixed up the brow hair and the gel by the brow brush.


  • Make sure to wipe eyebrows with a clean cloth before applying product 
  • Mixed up the brow hair and the gel by the brow brush.
  • Place the appropriate amount on the brush and close the container
  • Apply the brow hair fibers onto the desired area 
  • Use your brush and hand to tidy up your eyebrows 
  • Do not apply a lot at once. Apply a small amount of the appropriate amount, and finish beautifully