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Wooden Prank Spider Scare Hidden Box



Product Description :

This Wooden Prank Spider Scare Hidden Box is amazing portable trick box well made with complete support of solid wooden.  It turns out to be magical present for your closed ones to scare them any point and it's definitely works great for April fool occasion to make them fool. On the other hand , it works great for decorative and art crafts.

Product Features :

  • It's fun way to play pranks with the help of this portable and compact sized wooden prank hidden box.
  • There are different types of small creatures being used such as crabs, spider or cockroaches.
  • A magical box with vivid animal creatures.
  • A best present for kids on April fool occasional day to make them fool and laugh at same time.
  • Works great for decorative for your home.
Specifications :

  • Material : Wooden 
  • Size : 9.1*6.1*6.5 cm(L*W*H)
Package Included :

  • 1 * Wooden Prank Spider Scare Hidden Box